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Today’s the day I share with you a tool that helped me a lot, not s if you happened to you when you’re studying about business, or looking at ways to bring more traffic, reading the blog on the Internet.

S not if you happen to be next to you so many ideas to mind, am I spent a lot of that I am filled with so many project ideas, things I liked doing, things I want to record and videos I want to do, sometimes I end up with headache, the problem is when I listen to the radio or go on the road are driving me so many ideas and now when I’m gone I have time to start writing on paper or on a computer and I have forgotten all the ideas.

The tool that I recommend is very simple, just go to electronics store and buy this device is a digital recorder.

The one I have is a Sony, this recorder allows me to record, control volume, delete the messages and allows me to put hearing aid and microphones, and lets you record 2 hours in total and can record different messages AFTER audio lets you listen to, and is one of the things I’ve used in recent months to record ideas when I’m driving and I’m thinking as to then remind me what I do, projects I want to do and want to work, the only things wrong with this is that gives you the option to be able to pass these audio directly to your computer in MP3, only lets you have it all, You’ll have to buy other equipment and cables to transfer to your computer.

Then I looked for other ways and maybe t bean you have already this device is an iPod (or may be an iPhone too) where I have all my programs I have games and tools, and I never think that because Bean is a tool that brings iPod Voice Memos is called only thing you have to connect a hearing aid with a microphone and record, the hearing aid to use for this is the hearing aid to use for my telephone to answer in the car, and connect it to my iPod, open the program and I can record my programs and messages, so I made when I’m thinking and I have so many ideas I get to record and to release my mind and practically saved me from insanity.

As we want to share with you and hope you like it, and I hope you find as a tool for them to help your business.

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