Sasha Grey

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One of the original four Bratz dolls that MGA Entertainment introduced in May 2001 during its launch is Sasha.  The design followed by this character is still a teenage fashion doll that has been marketed with fashionable clothing and accessory sets.  Sasha is also known by her nickname, Bunny Boo.  Her hair was designed to be dark brown but she changes her hair color every now and then that is why may see her in the TV series sporting orange, black, silver, or blonde hair.  It also goes the same way with her eye colors although it is often seen in green or brown but her dark skin tone remains constant as she is an African-American character.

Sasha is quite a feisty character because she easily loses her temper and overreacts when things don’t work out for her.  Nevertheless, she knows when to apologize especially when she is not afraid to face confrontations.  But Sasha is good to her friends and she remains to be a nice character despite her strong attitude.  Her friends also call her by the nickname Bunny Boo.  For her fashion taste, she likes street, old school, funk, and urban styles.  Moreover, she loves dancing especially to the beat of R & B, hip-hop, and to the music of J. Lo and Beyonce.  Truly, she is a strong-willed, confident, and determined gal.

Teaching dance lessons has also been part of her passion.  It has been also implied that she is a natural leader and likes to help people who have special interest in dancing.  For the most part, Sasha is fond of her pet bunny and she also loves the colors violet and red.  For movies, she likes to watch edgy comedies and yet she likes to read books about biographies of successful people.  For her favorite food and beverage, Sasha likes power bars and blueberry smoothie. 

In the film, Sasha was being played by Logan Browning and in the television series, her character was voiced by Ashleigh Ball, Dorla Bell, and Tia Mowry.  Of all the characters, Sasha is one who really knows what she wants and how to get it.  It also tells us that there is really a big chance that she will become a record producer or perhaps have her own fashion line in the future.  When the Bratz dolls were launched in 2001, she remains one of the main characters of the doll line that is still being manufactured until today unlike other doll companies that retire or archive their old doll collections.

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