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The results for green card lottery in 2011 were found long ago and most fortunate people selected for a U.S. green card are advised to travs-mail address. Those not so fortunate should have tried his luck in 2012 program diversity visa lottery.
Like all U.S. government years invit applications for the program, diversity visa lottery for the year 2012. The dates apply to the program green card lottery were among the 5 October 2010 on November 3, 2010 (as planned by the U.S. Department of State.)
The application process for the Diversity Visa Lottery is upon. All applicants must have followed the instructions given by the State Department and preocupacin wait to know the status of your application. A majority of applicants must have started to dream about life in America and settle all for better prospects. However, everything depends on the accuracy of your application form, and ms later his luck.
The State Department has made clear eligibility criteria and other conditions to qualify for the program green card lottery 2012. As, submission of green card application should not be a reason for rejection of application ATRS submitted. Even if an application gets rejected then it must be due to defects in the part of applicant.
To prevent rejection, people should have thought about taking the services of experts of immigration. Part of the reputable agencies of U.S. immigration provides great help in the application green card lottery. However, by selecting one such agency for assistance during the application process, people will have to be very cautious, as it has been a subject of many scams. An website Department of State advises the applicant to miss fake websites that claim them to be a government entity and promising a green card. To fall to them are nothing more than wear valuable time and money.
There are some agencies that have extreme expertise in matters relating to immigration to the U.S. and the lottery program of Diversity Visa. Clearly confirm that they are private, no afiliacin with the government. They also never promise to provide a green card lottery program DV. They only claim that 100% acceptance of green card applications submitted after his guide. As if by chance the application gets rejected, people should think that it takes experts help green card lottery.
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