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After spending hours on formatting your resume and ensuring that it is able to meet the needed requirements as per the industry, and also making it pretty-looking to others; what possibly could be the mistake that you are likely to commit? It could be highly possible that you might send it as a Word attachment. Is the question arising that what could be wrong with that? The number of reasons is many which direct that why sending resume file in word would be better.

You would need proprietary program so as to view a file in this format. What it in actuality means? It means if you are to send your resume to a particular firm or individual where MS Word is not used then it means they’d probably not be able to view and read it.

On every installation, do not expect the document to look the same. This could be from a default paper size to the apt edition that you might be using. It would be difficult to know if the people on the other side would be viewing the similar piece of information as you and this is something you would not want to worry about.

Documents in the word format carry viruses and bugs. So possibly if you are sending that document to someone then they would not want to hire someone who is sending them viruses.

Word processor has been altered into somewhat mangled document versioning system now by Microsoft. What it means is that if you have no knowledge of what is happening them the previous mistakes or portions that had been edited would remain in their places even when sending them across to others. No one would wish to do such a terrible mistake!

Word is not device independent. It means that same set up on a matching machine might produce drastically different effect. It could have different models of motherboards and even the slightest difference is enough to shift a word to another page.

So the answer to that is simple! Using pdf converter to convert documents could save your and others day.

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